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In ancient times, floors weren’t anything close to what we know them to be today. They were just a patch of tamped down dirt that was sometimes strewn with unworked materials, such as hay and straw for people to walk on. While traditional dirt floors are still used in some parts of the world, there is a huge selection of flooring options available today. And, we understand that choosing the right flooring type for your home or other building can be confusing. That’s why we created this website. Although we’re not flooring specialists, we can provide you with some useful information about the different types of flooring. This information can guide you through the flooring selection process but also help you identify the right flooring contractor for your needs. Welcome aboard!



Learn About Flooring

Should you think about floor polishing?

Dirty, grimy floors can be a serious problem for many companies. Your commercial cleaning company may be responsible for sweeping up the rubbish and wiping down surfaces to stop the dust and dirt from building up. However, floors in high traffic areas can soon attract dirt that becomes ground into the surface and can't be removed by regular cleaning. The best solution to grimy floors is to prevent the dirt from reaching the floor in the first place.

Top Tips When Buying Engineered Oak Flooring

Oak floors give your house a touch of class and sophistication. They also increase the value of the property. Most homeowners would want an oak floor. However, traditional hardwood flooring can be expensive. Engineered oak flooring is an alternative for people who cannot afford a conventional oak floor. It consists of a thin layer of natural oak glued to plywood. It would be difficult to differentiate between an engineered and natural oak floor since both have a polished oak finish.

4 Distinct Advantages of Installing Quality Carpeting in Your House

One of the most versatile options you can invest in when choosing suitable flooring materials for your home is a carpet. Carpets come in a wide variety of options. You can select low pile carpets or go for the expensive and luxurious ones. Carpeting adds a level of luxury and class to your home that you might not get from other common flooring materials.  So if you feel that it's time to invest in a more comfy floor, consider investing in carpet installation services.

Benefits of Engineered Timber Floors for a Home

Timber flooring gives rooms a warm and homey ambience. Rather than installing solid timber planks, you could install engineered boards, the benefits of which follow. Can Be Refinished Engineered planks consist of an inner core material using plywood or fibreboard, which is finished on top with a thin veneer of attractive hardwood. Because the top layer is a solid wood slice, it can be re-sanded over the years to remove dents and scratches.

Why Vinyl Planks Make a Lot of Sense as a Budget Flooring Option

Vinyl planks have quietly become one of the most popular options across the country. Not only is it used in many homes but even businesses have begun utilising it in many areas. How can something that is only a fraction of the price manage to compete with established flooring materials like tile, wood and carpet? Well, that answer requires a little more investigation. Here are three reasons why vinyl planks can be a great budget option for homeowners.

4 Sure Signs That Your Concrete Floor Needs Repair

Homeowners and business people alike opt for concrete floors over other options. That's probably because of the superior durability that concrete offers. Furthermore, a concrete floor is easy to maintain and can create a unique finish when mixed with coloured dyes.  But as durable as it is, your concrete floor will wear down at one point in time after years of use. When that happens, the right thing to do is to seek concrete repair services.

What Goes Into Sanding and Finishing Your Floors?

Proper sanding and finishing are critical for optimal performance and aesthetic appeal of timber floors. The area offers several methods for sanding and finishing, and knowledge of these things will help you make the most of the finishes. It also helps to research and learn about the variations in the procedures and sandpaper grades so that you can know the expected outcomes of your project. Overall, sanding will deliver the exquisite finish you desire and enhance your floor's performance.

Advantages of Spreading Hardwood Flooring Around Your Home

If you're looking for a flooring option for your home, why not consider classic hardwood? While much cheap vinyl and laminate alternatives attempt to imitate its classic look, they can't capture real timber's warmth and authenticity. Thus, you might be better off going to the source. Several advantages of hardwood flooring follow below. Suits Diverse Decors Hardwood flooring suits many types of decors, including bohemian, traditional, industrial, and contemporary. Different species, such as Jarrah, Blackbutt, and Myrtle Beech offer a range of colours, from pale blonde to deep blackish-brown.

Why You Should Consider Installing Bamboo Flooring in Your Home

When it comes to residential flooring installation, there are numerous flooring types available for you to choose from. Bamboo flooring is one of the best types of flooring you can install in your home because it's designed to be used in most rooms throughout your home. Highlighted below are some of the top benefits of bamboo flooring installation for your home. Bamboo flooring can deliver the look and performance of hardwood with less maintenance.

Your Guide To Polishing Wood Floors

Wood floors enhance the aesthetic of a home, and when they are maintained well, they can last for decades. Unsealed wood floors should never be polished, but if your wood floors have been sealed with a protective waterproof barrier, such as urethane, they can and should be polished to extend the life of the wood. Heavy footfall, pets, children's toys and moving furniture around can all lead to scuffs and a dulling of the finish on your floors, so it's wise to polish your floors a couple of times a year to even out imperfections and renew its shine.

Reasons To Install Natural Stone Wall Tiles In Your Kitchen

When redesigning a kitchen, you'll need to select a material for the splashback and walls. One possibility is to cover these areas with natural stone wall tiles. Here are several reasons for doing so. Wide Choice Natural stone is ideal for coordinating all the elements in a kitchen, such as splashbacks, floors and countertops. Rock is available in a wide range of hues, making it easy to create a harmonious design.

Three Tips for Keeping Your Carpet Flooring From Buckling

Carpet buckling makes your wall-to-wall broadloom become loose in the areas that have ripples, waves, or wrinkles. It doesn't just interrupt the aesthetic of your floor — it can pose a significant tripping hazard to your loved ones. Injuries sustained from falls on rippled carpet floors aren't an uncommon occurrence in homes. Keeping your carpet from wrinkling doesn't have to be a hassle. Below are a few ways to manage this pet peeve.

3 Maintenance Basics to Help Keep Your Timber Floor Sparkling and in Good Shape

Adding elegance in your house and making it look a little more sophisticated might seem expensive or a hard thing to do. However, it's something you can achieve by just installing timber flooring. If well maintained, timber floors are attractive, and they can last for many years. According to most flooring experts, the type of timber you choose determines how beautiful your floor will be. You install a timber floor not only to add elegance but also to keep your family warm during the cold days.

See Why Engineered Oak Flooring Could Be Your Most Valued Investment

The flooring is among the critical aspects you pay much attention to when drawing a home office plan. The floor impacts the general feel and look of any space, and that's why you shouldn't overlook its quality in any way. A floor dictates how you would use the home office and also how productive you would be throughout the day. Along with having well-set tables and decorations, the flooring should be favourable in all ways, and that's where the engineered oak flooring comes in handy.

Top Carpet Installation Techniques for a Commercial Office

A carpet has become an integral part of office interior design. Not only does installing a carpet improve interior aesthetics, but it also increases physical safety from falls and protects the floor below. However, a carpet is only as good as its installation. Therefore, office managers must make careful considerations regarding the carpet installation technique to choose from. This article highlights the most common carpet installation procedures. Stretch-In Installation  Stretch-in carpet installation is arguably the most common technique in commercial spaces, primarily because it eliminates ripples and buckles.

3 Reasons Engineered Flooring Is a Great Option for Your Kitchen

Engineered flooring is gaining popularity all the time, and there are many reasons that it is a good choice for a high-traffic, busy room such as a kitchen. This short guide aims to expand on a few of those reasons, from the budget-friendly price point to the wide range of woods available. Durable And Long-Lasting When choosing flooring for a kitchen, you will definitely want to choose something that will last for a long time and withstand a lot of foot traffic.