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Three Tips for Keeping Your Carpet Flooring From Buckling

by Ella Lawrence

Carpet buckling makes your wall-to-wall broadloom become loose in the areas that have ripples, waves, or wrinkles. It doesn't just interrupt the aesthetic of your floor — it can pose a significant tripping hazard to your loved ones. Injuries sustained from falls on rippled carpet floors aren't an uncommon occurrence in homes.

Keeping your carpet from wrinkling doesn't have to be a hassle. Below are a few ways to manage this pet peeve.

Make Sure Your Broadloom Is Installed Properly

Poor carpet installation is one of the major culprits behind carpet buckling. When people do a DIY job yet they don't know how to do the job correctly, wrinkling is bound to occur on their floors.

One of the common mistakes many DIYers make is not using the stretching equipment needed to install carpeting correctly. If the carpet is tight, you can't lift it very high with your fingers. If it's not stretched properly, it won't be long before it starts bubbling. 

The best way to avoid carpet wrinkling resulting from a bad installation job is to let the experts do the job for you. Hiring a professional carpet installer is a small investment that will go a long way in preventing those unsightly buckles from forming on your broadloom.

Don't Drag Heavy Items on Your Carpet

Lifting all that heavy furniture when you're rearranging your house may be a back-breaking job, but if you want to keep your carpet intact, there's no other way to get it done. Pushing or pulling heavy things across the floor can ruin the flooring and also cause wrinkling on its surface. Get an extra pair of hands if you need help with lifting heavy household items off your floors. 

Maintain Optimal Temperature and Humidity Conditions for Your Home

If you live in an area with a humid or hot climate, the moisture in the air can penetrate your carpet and cause it to ripple. In non-severe cases, your carpet may lay down flat again once warmer temperatures set in during the day. 

In severe cases, you might have to run your air conditioner or use room dehumidifiers to maintain optimal temperature and humidity conditions for your home and keep buckles from forming on your broadloom.

There you have it — a few ways to prevent carpet buckling in your home. If you need help with addressing the problem, contact a carpet flooring professional near you.