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Learn About Flooring

Should you think about floor polishing?

by Ella Lawrence

Dirty, grimy floors can be a serious problem for many companies. Your commercial cleaning company may be responsible for sweeping up the rubbish and wiping down surfaces to stop the dust and dirt from building up. However, floors in high traffic areas can soon attract dirt that becomes ground into the surface and can't be removed by regular cleaning. The best solution to grimy floors is to prevent the dirt from reaching the floor in the first place. Concrete and other floor surfaces may appear to be solid material, but they are often porous, providing an easy way for dirt to enter the material or for liquid spills to stain the surface.

The solution for porous floors

Floor polishing is the best solution to porous floors. A floor polishing company can help to protect your floor by creating a solid barrier between the floor surface and anything that might cause it harm. Instead of attaching to the floor or soaking into the floor, the harmful substance will remain on the outer surface of the floor, from where it can be easily swept away or cleaned using conventional cleaning methods. Floor polishing is one of the best ways to improve the appearance of your building, but it also has other advantages. Floor polishing will save your company money compared to other solutions.

Floor polishing reduces cleaning time 

If you don't want your company floors to look dirty, the cleaners will be spending a long time working on them to try and restore their original appearance. If you choose to call a floor polishing company, your floor can look bright and sparkly for longer with only minimal effort. While a non-polished floor will need regular, time-consuming, vigorous scrubbing, a polished floor can be washed quickly and spilled mopped up with ease, saving time and freeing your team for other tasks.

Floor polishing is a long-term solution 

If you lay a carpet to protect your flooring, you can expect to be cleaning the carpet often and replacing it regularly, especially if the carpet is in a high traffic area. Constant wear from a stream of work boots will soon take a toll on any carpet, while a polished floor will last much longer.  If you do decide that further polishing is needed, your local floor polishing company will be happy to arrange a time to come and polish your floor so that it maintains its bright, attractive appearance.